Jun 16

All Quiet

Not a lot going on, to be honest, but apparently where there’s silence, there’s noticeable noise!

Conservative Club Issued with Noise Complaint (via Bolton News)

In a somewhat odd series of events, the Conservative Club have been sent a Noise Complaint warning, and asked to keep the noise down.
Perhaps all that noisy bowling on the green has been keeping the neighbours awake at night?
It’s not as if the club’s exactly surrounded by nearby neighbours, anyway! Maybe it was the new Subway that complained?!

Or Tesco..
We all know that Tesco are PURE EVIL!!

Jun 15

What Goes Here?

After a good month or so, I figured things would start falling into place, but with little or no activity on the site, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon.
I’m unsure what to do with this site, if I’m honest.
At first, I imagined building it up as some sort of Village-”Info” hub, so gave myself a few weeks to see if I could start to organise that, but. In all honesty, nothing’s really happened. Hmmm..

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, stick ‘em in the comments and I’ll poke and prod things into some sort of organisation.
(But I don’t think anyone’s reading this, anyway!)

May 29

News Roundup

Let’s try adding something a little more active to the home page, shall we?
I’ll try to stick to some sort of schedule for this, but no promises. I am a very forgetful fella, after all!

If you spot anything interesting, let me know via the forum, and I’ll do my best to keep these posts as frequent as possible.

Cleaning up the Streets

(via The Bolton News)
Groups of schoolchildren from around the area have been taking part in a large scale litter-cleaning campaign.
Pretty sure they used to have council workers to do things like that, but cuts are cuts, and so it’s now down to our schoolkids to do all the dirty work.

Resurfacing Half the Streets

(via The Bolton News)
Residents of Boscow Road (Far side of Mytham Road) have complained that, after all the recent work on the nearby bridge, with large trucks going up and down their road all day, United Utilities have only bothered to resurface half of their street.

They’re now complaining to the council to do something about the mess, but the council were hoping that United Utilities would have done a better job. After all, it’s not as if our local council have oodles of cash to spend on roads, or pavements, or block-paving.

May 23


UKIP have become our local council representatives…
Oh joy.

*deletes rant*
*deletes second rant*
*deletes another rant*

Devil’s Advocate : Paul Richardson is very opinionated, and very outspoken. During “TescoGate” it was pretty much him that seemed to be spreading the Anti-Tesco message, which led to the huge uproar in the general area’s community, which eventually led to the complete and total obliteration of LittleLever.info forum’s community.

Assuming he can bring that same “never stops banging on about things until he gets his way” spirit to the council, then I guess we’re in relatively safe hands.

May 14

Slow Progress!

Apologies for the slow progress on the LL.info site. The fact is, I’ve simply been busying away at completely unrelated stuff, and haven’t given this site as much care and attention as I was aiming to.
Still, at least the site’s up and running, and it’s simply a matter of lumping things in, as and when I get any time to do so.


The new Tesco continues to be built, with them now upgrading to a much larger swivelling crane, as opposed to the previous two smaller ones. I’m not sure exactly how far close they are, but I heard rumours of a September-ish expectant date, so that’s not actually too far off. I can’t expect them to be done by then, as they have the entire road-layout stuff to contend with, too, and that’s a whole lot of work, especially on that terrible junction.

Car Boot

There’s a forthcoming car boot sale being organised on Little Lever School’s car boot, on May 25th, by the “Little Lever Community Events Group” on Facebook.
You can find out more about the event here.

Apr 29

Welcome Back to the Village!

It seems the previous owner of the LittleLever.info domain has disappeared into the night. I’m not sure what happened, and it’s a shame to see the old site disappear.
Since I have no contact info for the previous owner, I’ve no way to restore the old content, so I’m going to have to rebuild from scratch. Things will look and act differently, as I can’t even remember what the old Forum System was, or anything like that.
Instead, I’ve started with the age-old WordPress Blog Frontend, with PHPbb Forum Backend.
I’ve also enabled Disquss as the primary comment system on the WordPress Blog which should be simple enough for everyone to make use of.

How “bloggy” this blog ends up being will remain to be seen, as will how active the forum is. We’ll have to wait and see.
But if you’ve been clicking LittleLever.info for the past few weeks, and wondering where it’s all gone.. Well, it’s all gone, and it’s all new. So, um, yeah. That!

Welcome back, enjoy the ride as we slowly rebuild.
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