Nov 05

Tesco Opened

Now that our new Tesco is opened, what are your thoughts?
Do you like it? Do you hate it?

What’s your favourite find in the store?
My Mum’s happy that they sell Tayto Cheese and Onion crisps! (They’re in amongst the American style foods and sweets, with all the overpriced Wonka sweets, and the Reeses cereal. Mmmm..)
Join in, and comment in the forum topic.

(and apologies that I didn’t do this post “3.5 Days Later”, like I’d intended to. Been full of flu, this week. Nasty!!)

Oct 27

3.5 Days to Go

Thursday’s the big day.
Whether you’re looking forward to the New Tesco, or fearful for your own life due to the increase in Traffic, it’s all happening on Thursday.

Will you be there?
And how excited are you?

(And hello to all voters. Feel free to leave comments below, or register on our barebones forum!)

Oct 18

Where Am I?!

A couple of councillors are squabbling over whether Bolton is part of Lancashire, or Greater Manchester. (via The Bolton News)

One’s suggesting we take part in the annual Lancashire Day celebrations, whilst the other is adamant that we’re still in Greater Manchester.

Personally, I type Greater Manchester to the end of my address, but what about you?

Oct 16

KwikSave in the Top 100!

Our local KwikSave store has been ranked as one of the top 100 “local” stores in the country.
(Via The Bolton News)


Not surprising given the refitting that’s happened to the store over the past few years. They’ve done oodles of work since it first reopened, and it’s come a long way, changing name and branding, before eventually settling on the current “New KwikSave” scheme.

We now have a fairly substantial store, and even a local Subway, too.

Congrats to Owner and Staff, and long may it continue.

Oct 09

3 Weeks until “TRAFFIC INSANITY!!!”

Will it be crazy, or will it be calm? That’s the question on everyone’s lips, as New Tesco prepares to open the new bigger “better” store.
There’s just 3 weeks to go until the big October 30th opening, and I’d expect a little “traffic chaos” for the first week or so. That’s to be expected with a new store, really.
The proof will be in the coming months, especially with Christmas being just around the corner.

How crazy will the traffic be?

Will we be bombarded by motorists, launching themselves towards Tesco, or will they all be making the same trip to the further Asda stores that they usually do?
Where will YOU be doing your “Big Xmas Shop” this year?

I leave you with @TescoLever’s current Twitter Avatar!

Oct 02

Job Losses

“Acodent” was apparently “The largest dental lab in the UK”.
Really!? Never knew it was that big!
But the large dental lab has apparently been placed into Admin, with all jobs instantly terminated, which really isn’t a great situation for anyone involved.

“One minute we were working away, and the next they say we have 10 minutes to get our stuff and get out.”

The Bolton News has more info on the situation.
Here’s hoping everyone involved can somehow pick up the pieces, but I expect those are going to be some pretty specialised job skills.
Good luck, folks.

Sep 23

Fruit and Veg?

Over on Twitter, The Salad Bowl, A greengrocer based in Horwich, is asking if there’s any interest within the Little Lever area for freshly delivered fruit and veg.

Seems to be a reasonably priced fresh-fruit delivery service. If you’re interested, be sure to hop on over to Twitter and let them know.

Sep 14

Jobs @TescoLever

Thanks to Tweeters @juliewhite68 and @fbradley67 for asking the official Little Lever Tesco twitter account (@TescoLever), we have some proper info for job hunters.

If you’re looking to get a job at the new Tesco store, tomorrow (Monday 15th Sept 2014) is the day to get online, and have a poke around.
I’m not entirely sure where you’d start, but would appear to be a good starting place.
Let us know if you have any success in finding the exact method!

Sep 10

Crash on Tong Road

What happens when you have two rather lengthy stretches of road, with a great bit corner in the middle?

The inevitable joyriders, driving at ludicrously fast speeds, and crashing into things.

This week’s incident happened on Tong Road, towards the Victory Road side, and involved a BMW smashing into a parked Clio, then continuing on into a garden.
Two men fled the scene, leaving two female passengers in the car. (via The Bolton News)
A rescue helicopter was sent to help one of the injured passengers, whilst the men, as per usual, managed to somehow magically get away.

Much as expected, the car was indeed stolen, and police are investigating the incident.

Aug 28

Gettin’ the Keys!

According to The Bolton News Tesco have been given the keys to their new building.

29,500 sq ft of store, apparently. Should be enough space to actually have more than one variety of things, for a change. Always been somewhat disappointed by the fact that they stock about 80,000 varieties of tins of beans, yet further down the same aisle there’s one single variety of Pasta’n’Sauce..
.. Bigger store = more variety, and that’s a good thing for the village.
(Although, I still remember the days when we had Kwik-Save, Lo-Cost and Hanbury’s.. Such variety!!)

“Little Lever Tesco is expected to open around the start of November.”
Seems like every time they mention the opening date, it’s getting later and later.
Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen it leap from September to late October, and now November!
Maybe it’ll be open in time for Xmas?