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Kylie Comes to the Village : Tribute, at Henighans

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A Kylie Tribute artist will be performing at Henighans on Saturday 31st Jan 2015.

Free Entry, but be sure to get there early enough to grab a seat.

"Kylie M" is performed by Cat Diva.

Happy New Year : Welcome to 2015

2014 brought us some great new shops in our village, from the grand Tesco, to the lovely MN (or is it NM? I can never remember..) Bargain store, with it's wonderful range of tools, accessories and other bits and pieces.
We've had a Subway open, and even a new recent fashion boutique.

There's been a bunch of community events, a whole host of great news stories, some general stupidity, the odd burglary, and of course, a few idiotic crashes due to wreckless driving.

Hopefully 2015 will be filled with more good than bad!

I look forward to documenting the village oddities over the coming months, and with any luck I won't have to tear down and restart this entire website for a third time.

Good luck, and happy new year, to you all.

Robbery at Baileys : Smash and Grab

The time of year when all the stupidity seems to happen at once.

Seems someone (more than likely drunk at the time) decided to smash the Window at Baileys Newsagent (previously Berry's) and take "something" in the process.
What that something was, isn't mentioned, but there's a CCTV shot of the perpetrator, if you'd like to play "spot the lunatic"

You can see the pic, and read more, over at the Post on FaceBook. (Although, you need to be logged into Facebook. Urgh..)

Christmas Eve at Henighans : Jukebox Night?

i'm not sure what "Juke Box Fury" is, and can only assume it's a night full of classic hits.
Not sure

But that's what's happening at Henighans, tonight.

Merry Christmas, all!
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