Sep 23

Fruit and Veg?

Over on Twitter, The Salad Bowl, A greengrocer based in Horwich, is asking if there’s any interest within the Little Lever area for freshly delivered fruit and veg.

Seems to be a reasonably priced fresh-fruit delivery service. If you’re interested, be sure to hop on over to Twitter and let them know.

Sep 14

Jobs @TescoLever

Thanks to Tweeters @juliewhite68 and @fbradley67 for asking the official Little Lever Tesco twitter account (@TescoLever), we have some proper info for job hunters.

If you’re looking to get a job at the new Tesco store, tomorrow (Monday 15th Sept 2014) is the day to get online, and have a poke around.
I’m not entirely sure where you’d start, but would appear to be a good starting place.
Let us know if you have any success in finding the exact method!

Sep 10

Crash on Tong Road

What happens when you have two rather lengthy stretches of road, with a great bit corner in the middle?

The inevitable joyriders, driving at ludicrously fast speeds, and crashing into things.

This week’s incident happened on Tong Road, towards the Victory Road side, and involved a BMW smashing into a parked Clio, then continuing on into a garden.
Two men fled the scene, leaving two female passengers in the car. (via The Bolton News)
A rescue helicopter was sent to help one of the injured passengers, whilst the men, as per usual, managed to somehow magically get away.

Much as expected, the car was indeed stolen, and police are investigating the incident.

Aug 28

Gettin’ the Keys!

According to The Bolton News Tesco have been given the keys to their new building.

29,500 sq ft of store, apparently. Should be enough space to actually have more than one variety of things, for a change. Always been somewhat disappointed by the fact that they stock about 80,000 varieties of tins of beans, yet further down the same aisle there’s one single variety of Pasta’n’Sauce..
.. Bigger store = more variety, and that’s a good thing for the village.
(Although, I still remember the days when we had Kwik-Save, Lo-Cost and Hanbury’s.. Such variety!!)

“Little Lever Tesco is expected to open around the start of November.”
Seems like every time they mention the opening date, it’s getting later and later.
Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen it leap from September to late October, and now November!
Maybe it’ll be open in time for Xmas?

Aug 26

Coming Soon : Tesco

Shamelessly stolen from Tesco North’s Twitter Feed comes this lovely photo of the front of our new Tesco. (Hopefully they don’t complain about the usage!)


Apparently it’s an “Eco Store”, so expect oodles of solar panels and other goodies, to help reduce costs once the store’s up and running. Pretty sure that’s not new news, but it’s been a good number of years since they actually announced all of this stuff, so it’s probably worth repeating it.

Just a couple of months to go, I think. Should be hearing plenty of news over the next few weeks.

Aug 15

Gunman – Part 2

Easily the most interesting thing going on in the village, even if it did happen days ago, and nothing much actually happened at all.

According to latest reports, (via The Bolton News) the man was Jarod Alan Thorton, who was wielding a homemade sawn off shotgun.

“No-one was threatened or injured during the incident.”

The next part of this epic-drama is set to unfold on August 29th, when he’s due at Bolton Crown Court.
Stay tuned!

Aug 10


Drama in the village, this morning, as an armed man was seen on Park Road.
News via The Bolton News
The man was seen in a garden, holding a weapon, and police were alerted. An armed group of police were dispatched, and the man swiftly arrested.
There doesn’t appear to be any more info than that, but if anything important emerges, I’ll be sure to post it.

Jul 31

Traffic Chaos!!!!

During the building of the new Tesco store, and the rejigging of the surrounding road layout, there was bound to be a little chaos.
The Bolton News are reporting all about “OMG! The Traffic Lights!!” and how there’s lots of slow traffic being sludged through the main road.

Really, this was to be expected. It’s about time that the utterly pathetic Ainsworth Road junction got sorted out, and you can’t do anything that major without causing issues along the way. It’d help if “The Byway” existed, but that never happened, so we’ll ignore that.

In general, if your journey usually takes your through the village centre, you’re being asked to find an alternative route whilst all the road restructuring gets sorted.

Jun 16

All Quiet

Not a lot going on, to be honest, but apparently where there’s silence, there’s noticeable noise!

Conservative Club Issued with Noise Complaint (via Bolton News)

In a somewhat odd series of events, the Conservative Club have been sent a Noise Complaint warning, and asked to keep the noise down.
Perhaps all that noisy bowling on the green has been keeping the neighbours awake at night?
It’s not as if the club’s exactly surrounded by nearby neighbours, anyway! Maybe it was the new Subway that complained?!

Or Tesco..
We all know that Tesco are PURE EVIL!!

Jun 15

What Goes Here?

After a good month or so, I figured things would start falling into place, but with little or no activity on the site, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon.
I’m unsure what to do with this site, if I’m honest.
At first, I imagined building it up as some sort of Village-“Info” hub, so gave myself a few weeks to see if I could start to organise that, but. In all honesty, nothing’s really happened. Hmmm..

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, stick ‘em in the comments and I’ll poke and prod things into some sort of organisation.
(But I don’t think anyone’s reading this, anyway!)