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Leaving the Education System : Little Lever School plans to go it alone?

According to The Bolton News, Little Lever and Ladybridge Secondary/High Schools are both planning to leave the state education system, and join together to become a Academy of sorts.
Not entirely sure how that would work, and I'm not certain about the prospect of having that happen to my old school, but... I guess it's worth looking in to? Maybe?!

"We believe that, together, we can make a real difference."
hmm.. Let's hope so, eh?

You can read more about this in the Bolton News article.

How Would You Spend £59,500 : Local council given £59,500 to spend on

According to the Bolton News, Bolton's got a whopping £300,000 to spend throughout the borough.

Little Lever "council" has been given a nice sizeable chunk of it, and will no doubt be doing something fun and exciting about it.
Hopefully they don't waste it all, redoing the floor of the village center for umpteenth time in recent years.

In addition thousands of pounds have been set aside for new businesses to take over empty units in Little Lever and Horwich.

.. Sounds interesting!

(via The Bolton News)

No 24 Hour Petrol : License Denied..

Seems the local "Filling Station" (Midway along Church Street) have asked to open 24/7, but have been denied by the local Council.
I'm not 100% sure on the specifics, but according to the Bolton News article, they've been told by local police officers that staying open might help curb anti-social behaviour in the surrounding area.

I'm uncertain of how true that might be, but it's an interesting angle!

Either way, their request was rejected, but they'll no doubt be arguing their case over the coming months.

Traffic Disruptions : A666 Lane closures

Major repair works are due to be done on the Raikes Lane section of the A666. Bridge repairs, lane closures, and everything else that that entails.

IMO, if a bridge needs fixed, then you fix it before it collapses and injures/kills people, especially if it's the type of bridge that carries lots of vehicles.
But other people are alarmed that such terrible events might make traffic worse!

Read more at The Bolton News
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