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A Slow Start : There may be "quirks"

I've now spent a good day and a half trying my best to make this site vaguely respectable.
The script for the site has been taken from which is a Programming forum. The site was very much created for developers, and has loads of references to showcases and articles and code snippets and more.
Over the past day or so, I've been trying my best to strip away all Coder references, and make the site into a slightly less code-specific style.
I'm not sure if I've managed to do that, but time will tell, I suppose.

Sincere apologies that (yet again) you're going to have to sign up, and start anew. But it was either that or pull my hair out dealing with a bazillion spambots every day.

Anyway, things oughta be working better, now, and hopefully there are no really odd "Socoder" references anywhere.
If you spot anything odd, or get randomly rediverted back to, do let me know where, and how it happened. Thanks!

Welcome : New Start

I've spent the past few hours getting a different forum script up and running, and hopefully this one will be less Spammy than the previous one.
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